Type O Negative – I Don’t Wanna Be Me

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Anybody who knows me knows I am a HUGE Type O Negative fan! No other death of an artist has affected me more than the passing of front man Peter Steele on April 14th, 2010. I had the joy of seeing Type O open for Pantera in the mid-90's and Peter's on stage presence was one that commanded respect. So with that, I dedicate this cover to Peter with the upcoming unfortunate anniversary of his death. RIP Pete!

With this track, I change some things around from my normal kit electing to go with different rack toms (Yamaha Beech Custom from the SD3 Core Library) and a DW Collectors Series floor tom (from The Metal Foundry SDX).  The snare is still the same Tama Bell Brass but tweaked for a more snappy crack sound.  Same goes with the kick drum, it's more usual preset just tweaked a little for a more tight, punchy sound.  I did layer two sounds for the ride from the Drums of Descruction EZX & the SD3 Core Library.


Required EZX / SDX  ( Detailed View )



Drum Cover

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