Cirice Makes The Last Post For A While

Today a new re-visit drum cover was released that was recorded back in mid-March.  I felt I needed to go back and redo one of my earliest Ghost drum covers (2nd one released in my attempt to having a consistent YouTube channel) but with a little twist.  Cirice has always been one of my favorite Ghost songs and this time around not only will it sound & look better, it is also ONLY ME on the drums!  Yup, this was a drumless audio track that I found and completed all the additional timpani’s sounds as well.  I think it turned out great and really proud of it.  Don’t mind the silly story at the end.

As I mentioned in my previous video, I am on a break from releasing YouTube drum covers until late September/early October.  I am still working on somethings, just at a much leisurely pace, some of which might never see the light of day.  Give me a follow on Instagram:  redgearmusic_

I plan to delete the forum pages here on the site and just clean it up a bit.  I thought people from the SD3presets site I ran would follow over to here but that never happened.  I’ll also finish getting my Superior Drummer 3 projects uploaded on the download page.  Ok, signing off for a while.  I’ll try to post some things on my YouTube community page and on Instagram to let ya’ll know I’m still alive.  😂

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New Drum Cover & Getting Overwhelmed For Underwhelming Reasons

I am really excited for this drum cover release.  Not only is it a new Ghost song from their most recent album, Impera, but it’s a cover that has hardly ever been covered on YouTube.  As of Today, I’ve only found two videos of this song.  One from SallyDrums, who is amazing at getting good-quality Ghost drum covers completed quickly, and another which was good, just not the most accurate.  I decided to step in and try to nail this one as close to the original as possible -tell me how I did!  If you stuck around to the end of the video, you might be wondering what’s going on…

Lately I have been starting to feel overwhelmed with things going on in my life.  Nothing major or serious.  Just projects I have going on with work, home improvement stuff, YouTube stuff, softball nights, and other projects people ask me to work on.  I am trying to bust through like I normally do but things are taking longer than I would like them to be.  I have one more drum cover queued up for June’s release but I REALLY need to put more time into my BIG project (there I go again talking about it again) than I am.  So, I may take most of the summer off from releasing drum covers and focus on all this other stuff.  See…underwhelming reasons.

In other news, I did finish my drum tracks for another YouTube collab and they were sent off overseas.  😎  I’ve also added me to the waiting list for the eDRUMin 10 midi module for my e-kit.  This will allow me to ditch my Roland module and expand my kit with more triggers.  This will be a long work in progress but I think I am going to do it…That’s all for now.  Enjoy and have a great summer!

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April 14th: A Day To Remember Peter Steele from Type O Negative

April 14th is a day I tend to listen to a lot of Type O Negative and now I pay my respects by releasing a drum cover on the anniversary of Peter Steele’s death.  This year, I chose the middle section of the song ‘We Hate Everyone‘ to be a little different; plus it helps me continue work on the other projects I got going on.  The one thing about Type O songs, the drums are usually never in the forefront of the song -that’s all reserved for Peter!  I found this middle section had it’s challenges at the end with some pretty quick double bass parts.  I am no double bass master or anything, so this was a little tough for me to do.  Hope you enjoy it and play some Type O Negative today!!! 

Not much else going on that comes to mind that I have not posted previously.  I’ve been noodling around with the idea of reworking my electronic drum kit; maybe doing an A2E (analog to electronic) conversion.  I want to expand on my kit some more. 🤣😂  Maybe adding an additional floor tom, a different rack, different layout with the cymbals. 

The problem is that if I am going to go out and do that, I might as well go big and start over.  I love some of the A2E conversion kits I have seen posted and specifically Fake Smile Revolution‘s kit!  That’s what I want right there, maybe too many cymbals.  LOL.  Anywho, I doubt this will ever come to fruition but that’s all I got today.  Enjoy the cover!  RIP Peter!  🙏 

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New Drum Cover & Time Just Gets Away From Me Sometimes. . .

Happy 5 years of being active on YouTube day!  Square Hammer was the first song I heard from Ghost thanks to my good friend Frank for telling me to check them out.  I went down a big rabbit hole and started to love all of their music; not sure if you could tell based off my drum cover choices.  😆😋  A great majority of Ghost songs fits my drumming style to a “T” and they have some crazy awesome hooks in their songs.  If I had to pick one of my favorite Ghost songs, Faith has to be it.  Such a killer riff!

As a band, I have recorded this song many times and every time, I played it incorrectly during the chorus sections.  I needed to make it right, make it sound the best I can, and that’s EXACTLY what I did with this release here.  Not saying the previous versions were terrible but I guess my standards were a little lower back in the day.  Interested in checking out the full band cover we did of this song?  Check it out on Soundcloud

I posted on the YouTube community messages that I would be releasing two drum covers for the month of March.  While I have filmed the 2nd cover already, I am going to hang on to it until May’s release to help me get more work done on the BIG project.  I am in the early planning stages for the April release, which is time sensitive, and I want to hit a specific date for that one.  So I was unable to manage my time correctly; or these covers are just getting a little harder than before.  The collaboration I have mentioned in previous posts is taking longer than anticipated.  Finding someone to do vocals is always the hardest…WHY, WHY, WHY?!

I keep mentioning this BIG project and you are probably wondering what it could be?!  I just can’t give it away and maybe I am building it up too much.  I tell you though, once I release it, I might be done with drum covers for a few months.  😏  I think that’s about all I got to talk about for now.  It’d be great if people left comments on these posts so I know I am not talking to a brick wall.  🎶🎵 “Hello brick wall, my only friend…” 🎶🎵

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Is This One of My Heaviest Drum Covers To Date?

I have a new drum cover scheduled to be released on Friday, January 28th at 6pm CST.  The video & Superior Drummer 3 project file will unlock here on the website at this time as well.  It just might be one of the heaviest songs I have covered to date, leave me a comment and let me know if you think this is true or not.  I had lots of fun recording this one; even if those odd placed kicks in the fast section were giving me a hard time for a couple days.  I may have to skip a month or two of releasing drum covers to get the BIG project done.  Work is always progressing on it but it’s much slower than I want it to be. 

Here on the website, I have been working in the Downloads section a lot.  I never really like the thumbnail pictures I had for the Toontrack EZX/SDX products.  They were all blurry and mis-aligned, so I took the time to create proper ones that are much sharper & cleaner.  This means I had to edit every single download with the new images. 

Additionally, I added two more Superior Drummer 3 Project files to the download list:  Quietdrive – Time After Time and Skillet – Monster.  I’m getting close to getting all of the projects uploaded, if you don’t see the one you are looking for, just ask.

Lastly, I have refreshed the main logo on the top of this page.  My good friend Steve made many of the graphics that was used for our Red Gear band project and I am trying to redo them to my taste.  I have no idea how to redo the animated logo I use at the start of my videos so I just might have to hire someone on Fivver to recreate it for me.  🤷‍♂️

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