Buy Me A Coffee, A New Drum Cover, & Other News

I’ve been going back and forth with this decision for a while and I finally decided to make it happen.  All my file downloads are now subscription based through  I know many of you don’t want to pay a monthly subscription to get files, but you can cancel and rejoin at anytime. So grab what you want, then cancel. Unlike before, you will now have access to “drums only” .wav files for songs within select memberships.  Additionally, you can submit a request for individual “drums only” .wav files and upgrade that request for a few dollars more to a 7-track stem of the drums track!   So check out the Buy Me A Coffee page and see if something looks good for you.

Next, a new drum cover was released today.  I was challenged by a friend to not play the song perfectly but instead do my own thing.  It’s an interesting challenge and I settled on the song “Got You (Where I Want You)” by The Flys.  I know of this song but I didn’t know it by heart which would be a great fit for this challenge.


I start off playing the song as close to the original as possible because there was no need to go bananas on it early on.  However, when the 2nd half kicks in, I did my own thing.  I even left the little mistakes and timing issues in there.  And then the closing video at the end….yea.  Paying a little homage to the movie this song was featured in.  Can you guess the movie?

In other news, I have been revamping my recording space in our home and this cover will be the last one I do for the year.  I could probably squeeze another one in there but I am not going to try and rush it.  We’ll see what happens.  I also am working on reworking by drumkit which you will see on my next drum cover release, whenever that may be.  I’ve been posting a few pictures here & there on my Instagram.  So give that a follow if you get bored.  I have been working on another video project for the month of November, hopefully I can release it in time.  It’s a neat concept I got going but could be kind of dorky as well.  Hahahaha.  That’s it for now.

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