An Iconic 80’s Song Lives Again On RGM YouTube Channel

About 1 year ago, I was watching Pascal over at the The Art of Drumming YouTube channel do a drum cover of the Bon Jovi song You Give Love A Bad Name and I thought to myself, “If I could find a clean drumless backing track, I could make a killer drum kit for this song!” I added it to my to do list for later.  Time went by and I was scrolling through the list and I stopped on this one.  I searched for a drumless backing track and sure enough, I found a great drumless backing track and I went to work!

Obviously, I had to start with the snare sound first.  Coming off the Pantera drum cover, that snare cut right through the mix, and I knew that’s what I needed.  Ironically, this snare was also used on the Psychedelic Furs drum cover as well…so The Rock Foundry SDX was the library of choice.  Once I found the snare, I started playing with the toms, the reverb, and the kick was the last piece to fall into place.  The crash cymbals were easy, but, the ride was kind of tricky.  I couldn’t find the correct bell tone, so I tuned up the closest one in the Rock Foundry library and away we went.  

As I was working on the song, I found this drumless backing track was missing some of the orchestra FX samples.  I was able to create my own sample from another drumless version of the song that worked out perfectly.  NEAT!

Honestly, I think this is probably one of the closest & best sounding kits that I have ever created for a drum cover.  Originally, I was planning to schedule this one to come out in September but since my sister-in-law Jennifer is turning 50, and she is in love with Bon Jovi, I decided to release it today on her birthday.  Hope she enjoys it as much as I had creating/playing this cover!

In other news, you will also see I am using the eDRUMin module for my kit.  Everything is working really well but I still do have some more tweaking to make it perfect; but it certainly is playable!  At the end of the September drum cover, there is some news I talk about, so be sure to watch until the end.  Think that’s all I got for now.  Have a great 4th of July! (for those in the United States)

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