Sony Music Entertainment Has No Clue!

If you are here, you’re maybe looking for my drum cover that was blocked worldwide on YouTube because of a copyright violation.  Well a good, probably 60% of stuff on YouTube, is copyrighted and uploaders like myself do not benefit one bit from people watching our videos.  Who does benefit?  The music companies & artists who claim the copyright on every video I upload.  Like the 40,000 views on my Ghost – Rats video…that record company got all the money.  I don’t see anything.  So why block videos?  It’s an additional revenue stream for you and you do nothing.  It angers me.  I just want to showcase what I can do. We’ll see how long I can keep this video online on my website before I am notified to remove it.

And here is my video description as posted on YouTube…

Let me start off by saying that this is not a difficult drum cover at all…almost boring in fact; the 2nd month in a row! I am a HUGE fan of Silverchair, have been since I first heard them in 1995. I love @BenGillies888 drumming on every song and he even said about this track, “Straight Lines is a complex song, with simple parts, executed well.” I love the song, love the band, and I wanted to cover it; even if it’s simple! So with that, I needed to make up for it in other ways. I focused on the video editing and creating a great sounding audio.

I grabbed another drumless backing track of this song from Marcos over at the @DrumLess Youtube channel and went to work on creating a similar sounding kit that Ben used. I think it turned out way better than I expected! Let me know what you think.

Oh did you notice I have a new china cymbal on the kit? Yup, I picked up a Lemon 15″ china, it’s pretty sweet! …and if you watched all the way to the end (and read down this far in the description) you saw I will be taking a few months off from making drum covers while I complete some other projects. Sorry.

This video was made on May 30, 2023 and by the time it is released in September, I should be well on my way with setting up and configuring the eDRUMin modules. My fingers are crossed that my long term project works out. Subscribe to my Instagram as I will be (or have been -thinking in the future here…) posting progress on how my acoustic to electronic drum conversion should be going. Link is further down…

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