Metallica – The Black Album

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  • Create Date November 25, 2022
  • Last Updated September 16, 2023

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The album everyone knows & loves from Metallica. So simple, yet so iconic. I was a freshman in high school the first time I heard this album and it still holds the test of time today; it's been called Metallica's Dark Side of the Moon. I couldn't agree more and I knew when I started this project I had to work really hard to get the drum sound just right. Toontrack attempted to match the sound in their Superior Drummer 3 Core library with the Man of Sand preset but it still didn't sound quite right. So I spent over a month working on a preset of my own that I feel captures the sound Bob Rock & Metallica created with this album.

The preset I created uses the core Superior Drummer 3 library for just about everything but I did have to dig into some of my other libraries to round out the entrie kit.  For instance, I layered in an additional floor tom from The Rock Warehouse SDX, used hi-hats from The Rock Foundry SDX, a China cymbal from the Drums of Destruction EZX, and used an additional crash cymbal from the Darkness SDX.  So for the most part, you can get a good mix of the kit right from the original Superior Drummer 3 library.


Project Information

Each Superior Drummer 3 project file will contain the full MIDI drum performance, region markers, and tempo map information.  10 of the 12 songs use the same preset & libraries while songs The Unforgiven and The Struggle Within using slightly different libraries and mix settings to achieve the sound.  Be sure to check the detailed list located in the EZX/SDX section to see what libraries are needed for each song.

    • The Unforgiven
      The intro percussion section is included in .wav format
      Slightly different drum mix in the toms
      Project also requires the Metal Machine EZX
    • The Struggle Within
      The intro percussion section requires the Rooms of Hansa SDX 
      The intro percussion section is also included in .wav format if you do not have the Hansa SDX


Required EZX / SDX  ( Detailed View )


The Unforgiven and The Struggle Within use these additional libraries


Drums Only Audio Samples


Drum Cover Videos



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