Type O Negative – Christian Woman

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This track is a personal one for me. It's probably the song that really got me into Type O back in high school. I remember driving around with friends, listening to this CD, and air drumming the slow tom fill after that long interlude. We were amazed at how great the drums sounded on this album and here I am, some 31 years later, finally recreating it to near album quality. (At least I think it sounds close to album quality.) I put my heart and soul into this cover; I hope it shows.

I wanted this to be as perfect as can be. Unfortunately there are no drumless backing tracks for this song and most of those AI programs are horseshit. I really wanted the original drum track to be gone from this song and somehow, someway (maybe by some divine intervention from Peter), I stumbled upon lalal.ai. This is probably one of the first AI programs I found that did a halfway decent pass at removing the drum track.

As for the drum kit preset. Holy shit is this a work of art. I thought I did good with the Black Album kit but I think this one is even closer to the original than the Metallica one. Even when I watch back my footage and that first snare flam hit to kick off the song, you'd swear it still was the original drum track playing. There was a lot of work done on this preset. Some automation techniques for removing reverb at certain points and it all came together thanks to my good Youtuber pal @MikeConwayDrums sending me over a killer cowbell sample (from Van Halen of course) that I used after the solo 7:14. I ended up using The Metal Foundry SDX, Fields of Rock SDX, and Drums of Destruction EZX to capture this iconic drum sound. Hope you all dig it! 


Drums Only Sample


Drum Cover

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