Silverchair – Straight Lines

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Let me start off by saying that this is not a difficult drum cover at all...almost boring in fact. I love Ben Gillies drumming on every song for Silverchair and he even said about this song, "Straight Lines is a complex song, with simple parts, executed well."  I love the song, love the band, and I wanted to do a drum cover of it; even if it's simple!  So with that, I needed to make up for it in other ways which I decided to focus on the visuals and the audio.  I grabbed another drumless backing track of this song from Marcos over at the DrumLess YouTube channel and went to work on creating a similar sounding kit that Ben used on this tune.

I think it turned out way better than I expected and I didn't even have to use many other of my other libraries to get the sound.  The Rock Warehouse SDX was used as an additional layer for the toms but everything else is straight from the SD3 Core library. Let me know what you think!


Required EZX / SDX  ( Detailed View )


Drum Cover

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