Our Lady Peace – Somewhere Out There

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I have been a fan of Our Lady Peace since their first record was released in 1994. I loved the drumming Jeremy Taggart did while a member of the band and the vocals of Raine Maida are just phenomenal! This song has always stuck with me and I needed to do a drum cover of it. I started this drum cover project in 2019, hoping the project band I was in would cover it, then it just sat there partially done. So now I finished it! I worked on a new snare drum sound, I think I like this one. Let me know.

This track uses a majority of my regular preset kit but as mentioned aboved, I tweaked the hell out of the snare drum, layering in a snare from the Rooms of Hansa SDX.  I also switched to using the 15" Sabian Artisan hi-hats from the Rock Foundry SDX.


Required EZX / SDX  ( Detailed View )


Drum Cover

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