Megadeth – Foreclosure of a Dream

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Today's cover is a classic Megadeth song, 'Foreclosure of a Dream' from the great album 'Countdown to Extinction'. I am not a very good double bass player but something like this is doable; thanks for making an easy song for me to play Nick! Speaking of Nick, yea, one of my favorite drummers of all time. The power he uses behind the kit! Man that's the way I like to play! When I heard of his passing I wanted to do a cover for him, but I was looking more for a RedGear band project and nothing ever panned out; so here we are with my tribute to him- almost 5 years later! ?

This cover would of been out sooner, but I was struggling to find a different sound for the drum kit within Superior Drummer 3. Eventually, I gave up and just tweaked my preset like I usually do.  Trying to mimic the classic Countdown to Extinction drumset is pretty difficult.


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Drum Cover

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