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It's been exactly 1 year since my last Ghost drum cover and I think I've finally curbed my addiction to Ghost covers.  This song was never on my radar for a cover but I was watching @ludvigkennberg YouTube channel (the original session drummer for this track), and he did a play through of this and I was like "Damn, this is a great drum track!" So I decided this one was going to make my list of covers to do. So here we are, the time is now!

This song starts off rather basic but features many different changes and that was the hardest for me. Trying to remember all the changes and what's upcoming. But as I've told people in the comments, I learn songs by repetition, build up that muscle memory and eventually it all just starts to stick. That is, until the camera comes on for filming then you forget every fucking thing. 

The drum preset for Superior Drummer 3 is another great kit I put together using only the Death & Darkness SDX from@toontrack . I feel when I am able to remove the drums from songs using, I have to work harder to closely match what is on the record. I think this one matches very well and will be available for purchase below.


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Drum Cover

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