Ghost – Rats

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This is the first song I ever recorded using Superior Drummer 3 and where I focused on getting as close to the original sounds as possible. I never thought this one video would of blown up (if 30,000 views is blowing up -it is for me!)  on YouTube.  I purchased SD3 around Christmas time in 2017 and it took me a good 6 months to finally get the preset sound I was looking for. 

To this day, all my presets are based off this one preset which stared off as the Djent preset built in the SD3 Core library.  I then used some different crash cymbals and layered a couple other toms to the existing preset toms to created a more snappying tom sound.  All in all, I am REALLY happy with this preset and sounds soooo good in a decent pair of headphones.


Required EZX / SDX  ( Detailed View )


Drum Cover

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