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New Gear = Lots of Excitement & Work

So it took many years but I have finally got the drums I have always wanted, which are the Roland TD-30KSE!  With this drum kit, I can do so much more than I could ever do with the old Roland TD-7 kit.  I am still figuring stuff out every time I play with the kit and add the fact I am still learning Reaper; yea there is a lot going on.  The really great thing with this kit is the individual drum trigger outputs I can do which means I can have separate tracks in reaper of just those sounds.  This gives me greater control of the sound as well as makes it easier to fix mistakes while tracking.

Speaking of tracking, today I finished the drum tracks for the next song we are doing.  You can find a drum video I did for the song in the Videos section which is a plain jane sounding version because no FX or EQ are added as it was pre-mix.  I also like using Reaper alot, lots of great stuff in this DAW, thanks Frank for converting us!


Super Mega Huge News Update

It has been almost 5 months since the last update and alot has happened since then; specifically in the past 3 weeks.  So being a drummer, I will go first…I mean we are the first tracks to be laid in the studio so why not?  As I have said in one of my last updates, my TD-7 drum module lost all it’s sounds when the backup battery died.  I have been bummed at that situation since and have not even really played since then.  So after about 7 years of begging my wife to get a new electronic drumkit, she finally said yes!  So in the fall of 2016 I plan to get the Roland TD-30KV!

I am not the only one getting new gear, Tom finally got an electric acoustic guitar.  This is going to open us up to doing alot of wider range of songs, both cover tunes, and original tunes.  He has already been laying down some test tracks to figure out which sounds are the best and which settings to use in the DAW.  Also, he recently got a new footboard/processor for his guitar work and I have heard some of the tones coming from that and it’s a huge upgrade from his previous equipment.  Now I just need him to update his bio with the new gear.

Next, it is with true excitement that we welcome in a new member to the Red Gear project!  Frank joins our project to lay down bass tracks and he brings a huge wealth of knowledge to the engineering/mixing department that we so desperately needed!  Frank is bringing our Red Gear project to the 21 century by transferring us to a new DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) called Reaper.  This program is massive, powerful, and it rivals Pro Tools!  Frank has been teaching me alot of things with this program and it’s going to take me years to figure it all out.  With this new DAW and Frank’s knowledge, we will be putting out some high quality tunes very soon.

You may have also noticed a little change around the Red Gear website as well.  I have updated the Bio page with Frank’s information and Frank then pointed out to me some of the things I have neglected over the years.  First and foremost, our media player was not mobile friendly which is an important feature that is needed.  So now all our music is hosted on Soundcloud and this allows playback in both mobile phones & tablets. You can also now download the songs for yourself! Next, our Videos page has been dysfunctional for sometime and I finally fixed that.

Finally, we have a tune that is being worked on that is using a drum track from the old Roland TD-7 drumkit; yes the track has been sitting for that long.  The great thing about this song is that it will feature Tom’s new electric acoustic guitar, Frank on Bass & mixing the song, drop B tuning, and some neat sound effects from the electronic kit!

Hey, Remember Us?!

Yea we are still around but by the looks of this website you wouldn’t know it. But I assure you we are around and I think there is a little movement in the pants to get a song worked on here in the upcoming months. I lost motivation to do any drum work lately (damn Xbox One!) because my main drum module backup battery died and I lost all my custom drum preset settings! That was 10 years of work to find the right kit that became the sound of this project and now it’s all gone. However, I have a drum track for a session that was completed before the meltdown and I told Tom to start working on that session until I have the time to sit there are try to reproduce my kit. I think Tom will start working on it soon but he would need an electric acoustic guitar (or a sample that sounds very close) to get the sound just right. We’ll see if anything pans out…

It Feels Official Now

We have always used Facebook to promote our new tunes (and we will continue do so in a little way), but sharing our music with non-Facebook friends was becoming a challenge.  Trying to direct people to search Facebook for your page could be difficult for some and telling someone to just go to ‘’ is just so much easier.  So here it is, our new page which will host all of our new music, videos, pictures, and our blog in a much easier layout than what Facebook provides.  We hope there is more activity on this than with past websites, but how much activity can you really expect when you release 1 song a year? (…if that even!)  Maybe this will get us more motivated.  Comments are open to public, so let us know what you think!

To kick off the new site, I found a little jam session we had one day with Tom on Guitars and Dave Klima on bass where we totally changed the song ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ by Metallica.  Some of you may of heard this, but anyways…

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