New Drum Cover & a New Huge Update To Site

Not sure how many people are aware of this, but close friends of Nick Menza are making new music with his drums tracks he did before he passed away.  One of those friends, David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth bassist & bandmate), teased a little snippet of the music created.  Also, I’ve been subscribed to Nick’s YouTube channel for sometime and there has been alot of work & posts on a documentary coming out entitled “This Was My Life – The Story Of Nick Menza”. 

Why am I bringing all this up?  Well the drum cover I released today was mainly because of all the videos I have been watching on Nick Menza.  His drumming is so solid and the kick patterns he uses are just great.  Like the song Captive Honor from the epic album Countdown to Extinction, is a basic song with a simple tempo, but the kick pattern he used in the verses is what drove me to want to cover this song.  Plus it’s one more checked off the list to complete this whole album…which isn’t my goal really.  ??

So enjoy this cover and leave a comment on what you think!

Now, the huge updates with this website.  Yea, I spent alot of time getting this going again.  Many people probably didn’t know that I have/had another website, actually a posting forum, called  It’s main purpose was for users of the Toontrack software Superior Drummer 3 to share custom presets they have created with a specialty for ones that sound just like albums of bands.  It’s been running for almost a year and it hasn’t really taken off like I had hoped, although a user named Omega Station, has uploaded quite a few projects of some awesome bands.

So I decided to take the SD3presets site and roll it up into this website so that will be your one stop shop.  ?  You can find a good majority of the old posts from SD3prests (some posts I chose to not carry over) in our newly created Forums page.  You will need to register to post in the forums but registering also gives you the ability to comment on my blog posts as well!  So win/win?  Hahahah, who knows.  Oh, and if you are looking to find people to collaborate with, you’ll find a section in the forums for that as well!  

I have the next drum cover already in the works.  I am 90% solid during my practice sessions and hope to shoot it by next weekend with a release date for New Years Eve.  It’s a great genre of one my all time favorite bands.  I am super stoked for you guys to check it out!  OH!!!  Slightly modified RedGear Music logo…do you like?

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