An Amazing Collab with Heavy in Hawaii & More Site Updates

Yesterday I released probably one of the best collaborations to date that I have ever been a part of.  It’s no suprise that the drum cover I did of Type O Negative’s “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” is my favorite release and when I was sent a rough mix sample of this song for a collaboration, I was floored!  It’s not everyday you can find someone who sings with such a deep bass range like Peter Steele but I just heard it!  You have to check this video out to believe it!  Additionally, this guys guitar work, keyboards, and shit, even video production was awesome.  It was a real pleasure doing this collaboration and hope to do many more in the future with him.

Check out his channel with his version of the video and watch until the end where he gives a recap on the collaboration.

Here on the site, you may notice things seem a little different.  I have spent some time refreshing the page, changing the overall theme, removing some old sections, and adding a FAQ section.  I did some major work on the downloads page, fixing many of the actual Superior Drummer 3 project files, and uploading a couple new ones.  The previous uploads of my SD3 projects were configured for how I use them in my DAW and this might not work out very well for people who download them.  So now, this has been fixed and I also fixed some BPM issues in a couple that were never set in the project file.  My bad!  ? 

I am very close to start filming another drum cover.  The practice sessions have been almost flawless with 1 or 2 mistakes; so I plan to shoot this video before Thanksgiving.  Aside from that, have a great Thanksgiving and leave a comment on that collaboration video if you haven’t already!  ??

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