The Work Flow Is Flowing!

My ultimate goal with the YouTube channel is to release a new video once a month.  I’ve been pretty consistent with that but occasionally, I will get into a funk where I do not want to play drums at all.  The collaboration with Heavy In Hawaii (where my work was pretty much done several months prior), I was able to gain some time and start working on drum covers for the future.  The Megadeth drum cover was done 2 weeks before I released it and I filmed another one last night to be released on or around New Years.  Now this will free up time for me to continue work on my “BIG” project and shoot video for what I have done so far.

I’m contemplating on doing a gear review of the IEMs (In-Ear Monitors) that I use.  I just bought another set of them and I am still amazed at how good they sound!  I just am not good with on camera talking and I will probably just look like a dork.  So maybe I post a review about them here and do a YouTube short letting people know to come here to check it out.  Speaking of this website…. why do I have one?  I dunno.  I’ve had websites ever since I started working with computers around 1996, remember Geocities?  Yea I had a website on there!  I just thought people might find the blog interesting (wishful thinking) and find the Superior Drummer 3 downloads useful in someway.  It’s all still early in development and we’ll see where this takes me/us.

Anyways, that’s all I got to say today.

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