Happy Halloween! A New Themed Drum Cover & Other News

Happy Halloween! ?? I released a Halloween drum cover about 2 weeks ago and is probably the first time I ever released a themed drum cover.  I wanted to originally put the song out today for Halloween but the song was featured in the new Halloween Kills movie and I decided to release it on the day the movie was released instead.  Additionally, there was no really good cover of the song on YouTube that was 100% accurate (not saying mine is either, but it’s damn close).

I’ve also been working on a huge project that I will release eventually on the YouTube channel.  The first month and a half was figuring out the best drum kit preset to use.  I got that figured out and now I am in the process of the rest of the project and as of today, I am 15% done with the project.  I still have a LONG way to go but I know some of it will go by quickly and I’m trying to get the difficult shit out of the way.  My projected completion date is late summer/early fall of 2022.  ??

Then here on the website, I did upload one more Superior Drummer 3 project for download.  I chose to  upload the Three Days Grace song Just Like You.  Head on over to the Download section to the entire list.  Don’t forget about the Detailed View of all my projects (also found on the individual downloads pages) of what additional Superior Drummer 3 expansions you need for my project files.

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