Collab with Cavemen from Finland & some other updates

Doing some work here on the website today.  Finally getting around to updating my SD3 Projects spreadsheet, which I don’t think I have ever displayed here on the actual website.  Basically it’s a detailed catalog of what Toontrack expansions I used for all my drum covers.   Why would you need this information?  You probably don’t but if you DO download one of my SD3 projects, you may need the expansion I used if you want it to sound the same.  You can check out that spreadsheet here.  I have this also linked on each download page entry for quick access as well.

On Satuday October 9th, I released a collaboration video with some boys from Findland called Cavemen At Work.  I was contacted by the bassist about the drum cover I did for the Ghost song Ritual wondering if they could use my drumming and video for a video they were putting together.  I agreed.  They ended up on using the MIDI information for their version of the song on their channel but they were gracious enough to send me their drumless audio so I can re-mix my actual drum audio back in.  You can check out my version of the collaboration video here.

I have another drum cover video in process now and looking to upload on or near Halloween.  It’s theme based…so you can only guess as to who it is I am covering.  ??

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