New Drum Cover & Time Just Gets Away From Me Sometimes. . .

Happy 5 years of being active on YouTube day!  Square Hammer was the first song I heard from Ghost thanks to my good friend Frank for telling me to check them out.  I went down a big rabbit hole and started to love all of their music; not sure if you could tell based off my drum cover choices.  ??  A great majority of Ghost songs fits my drumming style to a “T” and they have some crazy awesome hooks in their songs.  If I had to pick one of my favorite Ghost songs, Faith has to be it.  Such a killer riff!

As a band, I have recorded this song many times and every time, I played it incorrectly during the chorus sections.  I needed to make it right, make it sound the best I can, and that’s EXACTLY what I did with this release here.  Not saying the previous versions were terrible but I guess my standards were a little lower back in the day.  Interested in checking out the full band cover we did of this song?  Check it out on Soundcloud

I posted on the YouTube community messages that I would be releasing two drum covers for the month of March.  While I have filmed the 2nd cover already, I am going to hang on to it until May’s release to help me get more work done on the BIG project.  I am in the early planning stages for the April release, which is time sensitive, and I want to hit a specific date for that one.  So I was unable to manage my time correctly; or these covers are just getting a little harder than before.  The collaboration I have mentioned in previous posts is taking longer than anticipated.  Finding someone to do vocals is always the hardest…WHY, WHY, WHY?!

I keep mentioning this BIG project and you are probably wondering what it could be?!  I just can’t give it away and maybe I am building it up too much.  I tell you though, once I release it, I might be done with drum covers for a few months.  ?  I think that’s about all I got to talk about for now.  It’d be great if people left comments on these posts so I know I am not talking to a brick wall.  ?? “Hello brick wall, my only friend…” ??

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