Let’s Start Off The New Year With A Drum Cover!

Today I have a new drum cover scheduled to be released at 6pm CST and if you are visiting this site before then, you will be the first people to find out what it is before anybody else!  This cover is a group I absolutly love and my most favorite song…Less Than Jake “Look What Happened”.  It’s not a difficult song by any means but I wanted to cover this band for many years and what better way than to kick off the new year?!  Honestly, I needed an easy song to cover so that I can continue my work on the “BIG” project that I am hoping to release by fall of 2022.  Today I was practicing for the next video in this project and I think I am ready to film it tomorrow.  I filmed the first video last week and the ONE person who saw it liked it; thanks Frank.  ?

Ok so what about another collaboration?  I’ve been in talks with Heavy In Hawaii to pick another song to collab on; we just might have something in the works.  It’s difficult because we both have very specific tastes in music and we want the performance to showcase what we are capable of.  For him as a singer, the tune has to be in his vocal range.  The song I chose, I think would work great, has a SUPER KILLER RIFF, and is a new release for a pretty popular band!  

I have already started the drum track and got about 75% done.  Maybe I will do the drum cover for this song for the February drum cover release…we’ll have to see how Heavy In Hawaii is progressing with the tune before I make that decision.  Aside from that, hope you guys have a great new year and love to hear your comments about this website!

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