Type O Negative – We Hate Everyone (Reprise)

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Here we are again, 1 year later, another year without Peter. If you are unaware, today is the anniversary of us losing one of the most eclectic frontman, Peter Steele. This drum cover is from their critically acclaimed Bloody Kisses album, however, I did only the middle section of the song; hence the "reprise".

I am no double bass player and the ending is about all I could do. Listen closely, you'll probably hear some mistakes. ?? I've heard so many times from you guys in the comments of how spot on my timing is, well this one, the tempo fluctuates so much from beginning to end. While practicing this song, I would get to the end then immediately start it over to do another run through and was amazed at how slow it feels. I can actually feel the tempo change about three quarters of the way through the first verse. Definitely no click when they recorded this one!

Nothing is crazy different with the kit either.  Used the Sabian Ozone crash from the NY Studios Vol 2 SDX for riding on, the Sabian 15" Artisan hi-hats from the Rock Foundry SDX, and a cowbell!


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Drum Cover

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