Tesla – Modern Day Cowboy

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I reused the kit I put together for the Bon Jovi cover because that track was just as powerful as this. I altered the reverb and compression, but aside from that, the kit is about the same. One thing I was missing was a gong! None of my Toontrack libraries had one, so I grabbed the biggest, fattest sounding ride I had (from the Fields of Rock SDX), tuned it way down, and tweaked the hold/delay. It came out fucking great!

As for my playing...well, Troy has great technique with his rhythm hand that I simply cannot do. I went to the alternating hits for the verses on the hi-hat and straightened out the Chorus pattern because I just cannot play it the way Troy does originally. Small details but if you watch the original video of this track, you can see what I mean.


Required EZX / SDX  ( Detailed View )


Drum Cover

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