Ghost – Absolution

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Yea another Ghost cover...I love playing their songs and I want to have the best drum cover versions of their songs. So if I see a Ghost song that could use a good sounding and pretty close to accurate drum cover, I go for it! This tune is one of my favorites and took a little time to learn all the little nuances in the transitions. Even after playing the song for about a month straight, when it came time to filming, I still missed some of the little things and I had to start all over again. Lot's of screaming outtakes like -"It's so easy, just remember it!" LOL. Enjoy.

For some reason on this kit preset, I decided to layer an additional crash cymbal from the NY Studio Vol 2 library to Crash cymbal #1 & #4.  Not sure why I did that, but it sounds good.


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Drum Cover

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