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Just figured I would drop a line and write something.  Work progresses on the drum covers, in fact, I am ahead of schedule by a couple months!  I have two drum covers I am working on simultaneously, but in reality, one of the them is definitely taking precedence.  I then have two drum covers queued up to be released for May & June…but that May drum cover just might get pushed back yet again!  That one has been the red-headed step child of my covers and been pushed back a few times when it originally was supposed to be released in March.   But this drum cover I am working on right now is badass and I want to get it out ASAP!  You guys will love it!

In other news, I have decided I will be remodeling my basement (or Red Gear Studios as someone called it) in early October.  Nothing crazy.  Just a new paint color, new carpet, and an electric fireplace that you probably won’t see on camera.  So I might miss a drum cover around this time unless I hustle and get as many as I can done & ready to go.  My wife and I do plan to move out of this home in hopefully 2-3 years and when that time comes, I will be offline for a good amount of time; that is if I am still doing this project by then.

Other than that, no more news and unfortunately no collaborations to speak of.  I did send drum tracks and video to someone for a collab early last year but nothing ever came about with it.  Bummer.  

You want to know the hardest part of making my drum covers?  Finding something to post at the end of the video.  You do know about the ending easter eggs right?

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