The Black Album Project Has Been Announced!

Ok, here it is…my BIG project!  ?  I hope I didn’t hype it up too much but this was a labor of love for me with countless hours of perfecting the drum sound, learning all the drum fills, and numerous video out-takes.  Even as I complete the finalizing of the drum videos themselves, I am finding the earlier videos from almost a year ago don’t sound as good as the latest.  This is because I tweaked some elements of the sound as I progressed through the project.  I have been going back and tweaking the mix on these earlier recorded songs so you may notice some of the end credit sample videos sounded different.

Since you have so graciously made your way over to my website, I will share the order & dates of when each video was shot, just in case you were ever wondering.  

        1.   Enter Sandman (12/21/21)
        2.   My Friend of Misery (01/01/22)
        3.   Sad But True (02/01/22)
        4.   Nothing Else Matters (02/21/22)
        5.   Wherever I May Roam (04/10/22)
        6.   The Unforgiven (06/07/22)
        7.   Of Wolf & Man (06/25/22)
        8.   Holier Than Thou (07/17/22)
        9.   The God That Failed (08/17/22)
        10.   Don’t Tread On Me (09/12/22)
        11.   Through The Never (10/09/22)
        12.   The Struggle Within (11/25/22)
Enter Sandman is the song I knew the best and have played since day one, so naturally this one would come first.  However, this is not the first song I actually recorded.  I initially recorded My Friend of Misery first for a project my buddy Frank wanted me to do the drums for; this was back in the beginning of October.  I already had the idea to work on this project (being it was the 30 year anniversary of the album in 2021) and began the early stages of creating the drum sound.  I completed that drum track and that’s when I decided to go all in and start filming in between my normal drum cover releases.  But eventually, I had to take the summer off from making covers to focus on this project.  The first 7 songs I filmed are songs I knew how to play just from over the years, so that left the ones I did not know (and probably some of the hardest) for the end.  Needless to say, I got through it and I am SUPER PUMPED at how it turned out.  

You can expect new drum covers from this project released every week; which should last until early February 2023!  Thanks for stopping by…be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!  Huge shout out to Frank for being my outside ears as he got to hear and view this project as it progressed.  He gave me a lot of valuable information and I trust his opinion.  Thanks buddy!

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