Looking for boring updates, I can blog about that!

Today I decided to utilize this website for some good and write about my random shit.  I started to slowly update the website with up to date content first starting with the About section and moving it over to a timeline of events.  I am no Hemmingway and suck at writing stories, so a history of events that happen might work out better.

I also decided to start uploading my completed Superior Drummer 3 projects that I use for my YouTube covers so that you guys can have them for your own pleasure…not like that.  SICKO.  Not sure when that section will go live but I got the page layouts completed.  Now I have to start uploading the content and providing all the details on each kit of which Superior Drummer EZX/SDX packs I use.

I’ve also been working on my next drum cover video and the practices are getting easier and easier with each pass.  I hope to get a video shot sometime this week.

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