Timing Is Everything, After All It Took A Long Time

**NEWS FLASH**  We broke our own record for releasing a new song, less than 1 week!  Ah who are we kidding… this song has been a project file for, I kid you not, 8 years!  Want proof, well here is a drum video I did 8 years ago from when we actually started this song.  It wasn’t until about 2 weeks ago we actually got back around to it and we re-did everything over.  Still it’s pretty impressive knowing our track record with recording songs.  The song is Time After Time originally done by Cyndi Lauper but recovered by Quiet Drive, and the re-recovered by us; we seem to do that a lot..think that is 3 for us now.  Can you name those 3?  Put it in the comments if you do.  We are starting to show some real talent here with keyboards, synth, and some strange ass effects.  Check it out and show us some love on Twitter.

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