It’s Time To Dance, Dance

3 songs in about 2 months time, I don’t think we have ever done that, even when this project first started back in late 2000!  We are having a blast doing these songs but it’s not going as easy as some of us have hoped for.  We strive to put out the best possible recordings because it’s just who we are; quality over quantity.  We are trying totally new things while recording and there are a lot of frustrations going on in chat, but again, we are striving for the best possible end result which I think is beginning to show.  We have another song on deck being recorded, but this one we are going to take a little more time to record, and get it just right.  I think this upcoming song is going to have like 6 guitar tracks, along with my 12 drum tracks, yea…it’s going to be a big session.

Anyways, our newest cover release comes from our hometown favorites Fall Out Boy and the song is…’Dance, Dance’.  Enjoy!

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