It Broke Our Heart To Release This Late

December 19th, I tweeted from our @RedGearMusic Twitter account that we will kick off the new year with a new song.  On December 29th, I tweeted a sample of that project and we were REALLY close to finishing on time, but for whatever reason we hit some snags.  So it wasn’t until today that we finally released the song but I will say this much, it is probably one of our best sounding releases in the new era of using Reaper, my Roland electronic drums, and Steve & Tom using VSTs for their guitar sounds.

This song finally features true acoustic guitar recordings, which from people who heard the song early, is their favorite part.  I get asked on occasion how we pick the songs we decided to record…honestly, I do pick a majority of the songs, and this was no exception.  December 16th, I was listening to my playlist on my phone while sitting at my sons hockey practice when this tune, Broken Hearted Soul by Ra, came up.  Holy shit was it fucking rockin’!  I immediately hit up Tom & Steve on Discord saying we should cover this song!  They replied almost instantaneously agreeing that this song is badass and it indeed needs to be covered.  Well I was sold! By December 23, I finished the drum track and the song was moving along…well today you all get to hear it!

On a sad note, Frank decided to leave the project to pursue other adventures in the world of online gaming.  He currently is a member of AMD’s Red Team+ and using alot of his free time streaming on his Twitch channel.  You can also follow him on Twitter…the best to you Frank, thanks for all the help your provided to Red Gear!

Some great news however…this song is released today and the next song we are working on is almost done!  Seriously we have maybe a week left to tweak some shit and it’s done.

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