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Now We Are Moving!

2 songs released in 1 year, yea it’s a miracle!  For whatever reason, we got more people in this project and we get more stuff done…and that’s a good thing.  I think this new song turned out absolutely great and I can only imagine it will keep getting better the more we use the new equipment.  We have been talking about recording another original song but honestly, that all depends on Tom & Steve’s creativity/collaboration.  Oh yea, Steve is now back as a full member of Red Gear doing mainly guitar work and will fill in on anything else he can bring to the table; except drums -THOSE ARE MINE!  😉  So without further delay, here is our newest song, an 80’s Robert Tepper & Rocky movie classic covered by Bullet For My Valentine and shredded up by us….’No Easy Way Out’.  Enjoy

It Was A Rough One, But Surprises Are A Plenty!

Back in 2010, Peter Steele the lead singer for one of my all time favorite bands Type O Negative had passed away.  I always loved the music that Type O had made and his passing had a real effect on my; still does to this day.  So I was jamming to alot of Type O Negative songs and one of those tracks was Blood & Fire.  I had originally recorded a drum video for this song back in 1995 and I felt that I needed to revisit this song again with another drum video with my current electronic drum kit in early 2011.  The recording of this song turned out so great that I saved the session for Red Gear to eventually complete.

Come 2016, the time came to finish the song and boy was it a challenge.  Tom had a rough time with the guitars on this song but in the end, I think he nailed it.  This song brought in a whole new set of challenges from keyboards, drop tuning, acoustic guitars, weird effects, and to top it all off, we were learning a new recording program.  Frank did an awesome job teaching us the program as we had questions and did a very solid bass & keyboard track for the song.

Another surprise, we asked Steve (from the Mind Blender project) to assist with this song and he helped Tom with some guitar backing tracks under the acoustic sections.  His parts are subtle, but play a big role in filling in the parts.  Thanks Steve!

Something from the Vault

While cleaning up our sessions folder, we found this one just sitting there from 2009. We never put it out because, well it’s not very metal, but Tom wrote it and it’s got some goods to it. It really reminds me of when Pearl Jam re-released ‘Last Kiss’, just has that feeling to it. Enjoy & giggle.

It’s Gartore!

So Tom messages me on a Friday and tells me that I need to lay a drum track down to a goof song he is doing for someone at work. I’m like yea, whatever, I’ll get to it when I can. So Monday rolls around and he asks me if I finished the song and at that point I didn’t even listen to it; so I tell him I have not. He gets all bitchy and said he needed it done for someone at work today. I find this mildly amusing considering it takes him like 5 months to open a single session, but hey that’s why I love the guy. Anywho, I get around to laying a decent track down and let him know I’m done and he says, ‘It’s too late now!’ HA! I thought the track sounded pretty neat for a quick session, so I figured I would post it.



Suprise! Look What We Found!

Oh yea this is a surprise for sure.  We have released a new song this morning which is originally a Brittney Spears song that was then covered by Local H,  and finally re-covered by us…that song is Toxic!  A pretty badass cover, especially by a two man group in Local H, so we just had to cover it as well.  This song was long in the making, I finished my drum track way back in June 2013, then we waited for Tom to get motivated to get the guitar work done.  Come March 2014, he felt the urge to record and here we are.  We even played around with the notion of having someone sing on this cover (a Red Gear first!) but it just couldn’t come together as we hoped; so we will stick with the karaoke version like usual.  It appears Tom is pretty motivated to record some more tunes, so perhaps we can have another song out in 2014 too!  Fingers crossed…

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