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Something from the Vault

While cleaning up our sessions folder, we found this one just sitting there from 2009. We never put it out because, well it’s not very metal, but Tom wrote it and it’s got some goods to it. It really reminds me of when Pearl Jam re-released ‘Last Kiss’, just has that feeling to it. Enjoy & giggle.

It Feels Official Now

We have always used Facebook to promote our new tunes (and we will continue do so in a little way), but sharing our music with non-Facebook friends was becoming a challenge.  Trying to direct people to search Facebook for your page could be difficult for some and telling someone to just go to ‘’ is just so much easier.  So here it is, our new page which will host all of our new music, videos, pictures, and our blog in a much easier layout than what Facebook provides.  We hope there is more activity on this than with past websites, but how much activity can you really expect when you release 1 song a year? (…if that even!)  Maybe this will get us more motivated.  Comments are open to public, so let us know what you think!

To kick off the new site, I found a little jam session we had one day with Tom on Guitars and Dave Klima on bass where we totally changed the song ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ by Metallica.  Some of you may of heard this, but anyways…

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