October 2002
Mind Blender Internet Band Project Founded

Starting in the fall of 2002, ex-band members Bryan & Tom reconnected online after several years.  It was decided to start an internet band to fulfill the itch of playing music.  Steve was asked to join the group to play bass and fill in on  guitar parts, keyboards, and production.

June 2010
Steve Leaves Mind Blender

Mind Blender produced 20+ cover songs and several original songs over an 8 year period before Steve left Mind Blender in the summer of 2010 due to creative differences.

February 2011
Allied Fate → Red Gear, Inc.

Wanting to continue on creating music, Bryan and Tom created a new group initially called Allied Fate but later changed their name to Red Gear, Inc. in early 2011.

January 2016
Frank Joins the Red Gear Project

Red Gear asks a personal friend to help with some mixing/production and complete the bass track for a new cover they were working on.  Frank came aboard bringing a wealth of knowledge of a DAW that is more powerful than the current Adobe Audition that they we were using.  The group started using Reaper and this opened the door for bigger and better projects to be produced.

June 2016
Steve Comes Back to Red Gear

Red Gear was struggling with their current cover and asked old Mind Blender bassist, Steve, to help with some backing guitar work and any other things he can help Tom with.  

September 2016
Frank Leaves - Steve Returns Full-Time

Frank leaves the Red Gear project to focus on playing live shows.  Steve returns full-time.  We switch to using Logic Pro for our DAW of choice.

June 2018
Red Gear Finds A Singer

After completing an instrumental cover song by the band Ghost, Rachael found our post on reddit and requested to put vocals on the track.  We agreed and she joins the group full time later that year to complete future cover songs.

May 2019
Red Gear Slows to a Halt

The year 2019 begins to show the decline of the Red Gear internet band project.  No cover songs were made after May that year and communication between members is minimal.  Many personal & family related events took precedence for Red Gear members and playing music was on the back burner.

June 2019 - Current
Red Gear Internet Project Moves to YouTube

Bryan continues the project on YouTube creating Drum Cover content and starting the brand, Red Gear Music.  There are no future plans to start recording as a group.