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The Voice Of An Angel

The Voice of An Angel? For sure that’s what we think because this girl, Rachael, can sing -even in the shittiest of microphones. I keep saying, imagine what she would sound like with a great mic in ideal conditions! Since we started this project around 2001, it took us 17 years to find someone to sing and Rachael just happened to contact us because of a reddit post I made in the Ghost subreddit. So she learned the Reaper DAW and sharing via OneDrive very quickly (unlike some people I know 😛 ) and laid her tracks down. Steve then remastered everything using Logic Pro X and the rest is history; or will be history. It’s an exciting time for us in Red Gear and I expect some really cool things coming in the future. We have another project in the works picked by Tom -we’ll see how that turns out. We have some other ideas we are kicking around now that Rachael is onboard for some song. Our discord channel is alive with activity, that’s for sure.

So here are the two tracks featuring Rachael on vocals…

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