Red Gear, Inc. initially began back in 2002 with an internet band project called Mind Blender that featured Tom on Guitars, Steve on Bass/Guitars, and Bryan on Drums.

An internet band consists of each player recording their individual tracks in a multi-track program called Adobe Audition (now using Logic Pro X and Reaper) then each track is saved and automatically synchronized to the group through an app called Drop Box (now using Microsoft One Drive). Each member will record their individual tracks, everything then gets mixed down to a single audio file, and released online.

Mind Blender produced 20+ cover songs and several original songs over an 8 year period before Steve left Mind Blender in the summer of 2010 due to creative differences.  Wanting to continue on creating music, Bryan and Tom created a new group initially called Allied Fate but later changed their name to Red Gear, Inc. in early 2011.

In the beginning of 2016, Red Gear asked a personal friend to help with some mixing / production and bass tracks for a new cover they were working on.  Frank came aboard bringing a wealth of knowledge of a DAW that is more powerful than the current Adobe Audition that they had been using.  The group started using Reaper and this opened the door for bigger and better projects to be produced.

Come mid-2016, Red Gear was struggling with their current cover and had asked old Mind Blender bassist, Steve, back to help with some backing guitar work and any other things he can help Tom with.  At the current moment, Steve is heard on the newest Red Gear release of the cover Blood & Fire by Type O Negative completing some backing acoustic parts.  Steve eventually returned full time completing guitars and all bass work when Frank parted ways late 2016.

While promoting their recent Ghost cover songs on Reddit, a user, Rachael, contacted us and wanted to record vocals for some of our songs.  The group happily agreed and after several vocal covers, Red Gear officially welcomed Rachael to the group at the end of 2018. 

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