Are You On The Level? With This One, We Are…

Frank messages us and says “You guys should cover this song”.  Interesting.  I have a listen and I fall in love with it immediately and I said to myself, “We do need to cover it”.  The song features an upbeat tempo, some great guitar work, and KEYBOARDS…LOTS OF ‘EM!  So I said to Frank, “Only if you do the bass track” (remember he left the project to do other things), and he said yes.  The other guys were on board right away so we got to work.  Within 3 days of building the project file, it was already taking shape.  Steve really out did himself on this one nailing all the keyboard parts, which is what makes this song, Frank laid down a solid bass track, and Steve & Tom solidified the song up with killer guitars.  The drums took longer than I wanted, only because we wanted the perfect complimentary sound, so I went away from my traditional EZ Drummer2 sounds and started using SSD4 (Steven Slate Drums).  Steve really came through again on this, customizing a killer drum sound for the song.  All in all, this is probably our best cover song to date…I think I said that before, but for real, this is our best one.

Timing Is Everything, After All It Took A Long Time

**NEWS FLASH**  We broke our own record for releasing a new song, less than 1 week!  Ah who are we kidding… this song has been a project file for, I kid you not, 8 years!  Want proof, well here is a drum video I did 8 years ago from when we actually started this song.  It wasn’t until about 2 weeks ago we actually got back around to it and we re-did everything over.  Still it’s pretty impressive knowing our track record with recording songs.  The song is Time After Time originally done by Cyndi Lauper but recovered by Quiet Drive, and the re-recovered by us; we seem to do that a lot..think that is 3 for us now.  Can you name those 3?  Put it in the comments if you do.  We are starting to show some real talent here with keyboards, synth, and some strange ass effects.  Check it out and show us some love on Twitter.

It Broke Our Heart To Release This Late

December 19th, I tweeted from our @RedGearMusic Twitter account that we will kick off the new year with a new song.  On December 29th, I tweeted a sample of that project and we were REALLY close to finishing on time, but for whatever reason we hit some snags.  So it wasn’t until today that we finally released the song but I will say this much, it is probably one of our best sounding releases in the new era of using Reaper, my Roland electronic drums, and Steve & Tom using VSTs for their guitar sounds.

This song finally features true acoustic guitar recordings, which from people who heard the song early, is their favorite part.  I get asked on occasion how we pick the songs we decided to record…honestly, I do pick a majority of the songs, and this was no exception.  December 16th, I was listening to my playlist on my phone while sitting at my sons hockey practice when this tune, Broken Hearted Soul by Ra, came up.  Holy shit was it fucking rockin’!  I immediately hit up Tom & Steve on Discord saying we should cover this song!  They replied almost instantaneously agreeing that this song is badass and it indeed needs to be covered.  Well I was sold! By December 23, I finished the drum track and the song was moving along…well today you all get to hear it!

On a sad note, Frank decided to leave the project to pursue other adventures in the world of online gaming.  He currently is a member of AMD’s Red Team+ and using alot of his free time streaming on his Twitch channel.  You can also follow him on Twitter…the best to you Frank, thanks for all the help your provided to Red Gear!

Some great news however…this song is released today and the next song we are working on is almost done!  Seriously we have maybe a week left to tweak some shit and it’s done.

Get ready for Skin!

So here’s something that Bryan and I threw together while the other two guys have been busy with other things (like polishing their shoes or something).  Ended up finishing this a lot sooner than we’d thought, and only needed 3 guitar tracks.  We may revisit it if the other guys want to redo any parts, but it’s been a good learning experience for Bryan and I getting familiar with the ins and outs of Reaper post production…  Anyway, check it out and drop a comment below letting us know what you think.


It’s Time To Dance, Dance

3 songs in about 2 months time, I don’t think we have ever done that, even when this project first started back in late 2000!  We are having a blast doing these songs but it’s not going as easy as some of us have hoped for.  We strive to put out the best possible recordings because it’s just who we are; quality over quantity.  We are trying totally new things while recording and there are a lot of frustrations going on in chat, but again, we are striving for the best possible end result which I think is beginning to show.  We have another song on deck being recorded, but this one we are going to take a little more time to record, and get it just right.  I think this upcoming song is going to have like 6 guitar tracks, along with my 12 drum tracks, yea…it’s going to be a big session.

Anyways, our newest cover release comes from our hometown favorites Fall Out Boy and the song is…’Dance, Dance’.  Enjoy!

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