New Drum Cover & Getting Overwhelmed For Underwhelming Reasons

I am really excited for this drum cover release.  Not only is it a new Ghost song from their most recent album, Impera, but it’s a cover that has hardly ever been covered on YouTube.  As of Today, I’ve only found two videos of this song.  One from SallyDrums, who is amazing at getting good-quality Ghost drum covers completed quickly, and another which was good, just not the most accurate.  I decided to step in and try to nail this one as close to the original as possible -tell me how I did!  If you stuck around to the end of the video, you might be wondering what’s going on…

Lately I have been starting to feel overwhelmed with things going on in my life.  Nothing major or serious.  Just projects I have going on with work, home improvement stuff, YouTube stuff, softball nights, and other projects people ask me to work on.  I am trying to bust through like I normally do but things are taking longer than I would like them to be.  I have one more drum cover queued up for June’s release but I REALLY need to put more time into my BIG project (there I go again talking about it again) than I am.  So, I may take most of the summer off from releasing drum covers and focus on all this other stuff.  See…underwhelming reasons.

In other news, I did finish my drum tracks for another YouTube collab and they were sent off overseas.  😎  I’ve also added me to the waiting list for the eDRUMin 10 midi module for my e-kit.  This will allow me to ditch my Roland module and expand my kit with more triggers.  This will be a long work in progress but I think I am going to do it…That’s all for now.  Enjoy and have a great summer!

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April 14th: A Day To Remember Peter Steele from Type O Negative

April 14th is a day I tend to listen to a lot of Type O Negative and now I pay my respects by releasing a drum cover on the anniversary of Peter Steele’s death.  This year, I chose the middle section of the song ‘We Hate Everyone‘ to be a little different; plus it helps me continue work on the other projects I got going on.  The one thing about Type O songs, the drums are usually never in the forefront of the song -that’s all reserved for Peter!  I found this middle section had it’s challenges at the end with some pretty quick double bass parts.  I am no double bass master or anything, so this was a little tough for me to do.  Hope you enjoy it and play some Type O Negative today!!! 

Not much else going on that comes to mind that I have not posted previously.  I’ve been noodling around with the idea of reworking my electronic drum kit; maybe doing an A2E (analog to electronic) conversion.  I want to expand on my kit some more. 🤣😂  Maybe adding an additional floor tom, a different rack, different layout with the cymbals. 

The problem is that if I am going to go out and do that, I might as well go big and start over.  I love some of the A2E conversion kits I have seen posted and specifically Fake Smile Revolution‘s kit!  That’s what I want right there, maybe too many cymbals.  LOL.  Anywho, I doubt this will ever come to fruition but that’s all I got today.  Enjoy the cover!  RIP Peter!  🙏 

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Another Well Respected Drummer Passes ;…(

It’s been a week now since the passing of Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins at the young age of 50.  Like many people, I am still in shock that he is gone, especially after watching the mock-horror film from the band entitled Studio 666.  At first, I thought it was some kind of joke as Taylor’s death coincided with the release of Dream Widow (Dave Grohl’s solo death metal project from the movie) the day before.  But no, it’s just true utter sadness.  Taylor was an amazing drummer.  He was well respected among his professional peers and to us layman drummers, he was the drummer we wish we could be.  Talented. Gifted. Passionate. Beastly. Technical. Inspirational.  Just some of the adjectives I can use to describe him.  We’ll miss you forever Taylor. Hope the rest of the band and family close to Taylor all the best. 

I felt the need to upload my Superior Drummer 3 project file that I completed for Foo Fighters – Arlandria, so go check that one out!  Additionally, I added Ghost – Absolution to the downloads section…I’m kind of shocked I waited this long to publish that one.  My bad!  😬  Going back through these old project files is kind of funny.  Some of the mixes I did and kit piece selections I chose had me scratching my head; but I left them as they were to show the differences in my progress.

In other happenings, I have been contacted again to do another collab with some YouTubers which I have accepted and will start work on that at the end of the month, hopefully.  🤞  Another collaboration with Heavy In Hawaii is pretty close to be complete; just waiting on vocals from another YouTuber.  So there is no time table on when that will be released.  I have two drum covers already uploaded and scheduled to be released on April 14th and May 6th.  So be on the look out for those!  Progress on my own personal project is coming along.  I am very skeptical that I will get it done in the timeframe I set for myself but I think it will be worth the wait.

That’s all I got for now..looking forward to some better weather here in the midwest.

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New Drum Cover & Time Just Gets Away From Me Sometimes. . .

Happy 5 years of being active on YouTube day!  Square Hammer was the first song I heard from Ghost thanks to my good friend Frank for telling me to check them out.  I went down a big rabbit hole and started to love all of their music; not sure if you could tell based off my drum cover choices.  😆😋  A great majority of Ghost songs fits my drumming style to a “T” and they have some crazy awesome hooks in their songs.  If I had to pick one of my favorite Ghost songs, Faith has to be it.  Such a killer riff!

As a band, I have recorded this song many times and every time, I played it incorrectly during the chorus sections.  I needed to make it right, make it sound the best I can, and that’s EXACTLY what I did with this release here.  Not saying the previous versions were terrible but I guess my standards were a little lower back in the day.  Interested in checking out the full band cover we did of this song?  Check it out on Soundcloud

I posted on the YouTube community messages that I would be releasing two drum covers for the month of March.  While I have filmed the 2nd cover already, I am going to hang on to it until May’s release to help me get more work done on the BIG project.  I am in the early planning stages for the April release, which is time sensitive, and I want to hit a specific date for that one.  So I was unable to manage my time correctly; or these covers are just getting a little harder than before.  The collaboration I have mentioned in previous posts is taking longer than anticipated.  Finding someone to do vocals is always the hardest…WHY, WHY, WHY?!

I keep mentioning this BIG project and you are probably wondering what it could be?!  I just can’t give it away and maybe I am building it up too much.  I tell you though, once I release it, I might be done with drum covers for a few months.  😏  I think that’s about all I got to talk about for now.  It’d be great if people left comments on these posts so I know I am not talking to a brick wall.  🎶🎵 “Hello brick wall, my only friend…” 🎶🎵

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5 Years Fully Active on YouTube, New Downloads, & Others…

While I have had my YouTube channel for a long time (first video was uploaded September 2007), I was never really that active with uploading content on a consistent basis.  On March 13, 2017 is when I knew I wanted to start posting more videos regularly and I began to shape the channel to where we are now, posting videos monthly.  Well…most of the time.  😂🤣  To celebrate 5 years active on YouTube, I have a new drum cover scheduled to be released on that day and will feature the updated logo in the video introduction like you see here here on the site.  It’s the small things.  😃

I have also uploaded 3 more Superior Drummer 3 projects to the Downloads section.  You can now grab: Sepultura – The Hunt, Royal Blood – Hole In Your Heart, and Goldfinger – Mable.  I still have quite a few more projects left to upload, even some that I do not have drum covers for.  I will work on getting those uploaded as free time permits.

In other news, there is another collaboration in the works and my BIG project is taking shape very, very nicely!  With each milestone I reach within the project, I get more and more excited for you guys to see it.  However, I have yet to reach the difficult part(s) and that could make or break the entire thing!  🤔😣  Well I think that’s enough of an update for now.

Oh! One last thing.  Check out the live videos I posted on the channel of the recent Twin Temple, Volbeat, & Ghost concert I attended on February 18th @ AllState Arena.  It was such an amazing show.  Volbeat’s stage set up was incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it…and of course Ghost was top notch.  Twin Temple…yea, that was new for me.  Satanic doo wop music.  It was crazy.  🤣   


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